Do Video Games Bring People Together?

Something happened to me today that totally took me back. It wouldn’t have happened without video games. This is the sort of thing that I praise video games and the gaming community for and it’s something that those on the outside of gaming don’t see. Before I get ahead of myself, I’ll get into the story.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I sit on a couch outside of my journalism class. I usually watch ESPN on my phone, or listen to music. People come and go walking by, or sitting on the couch next to me. It’s the same people every day and the most interaction between myself and them is a simply smile and head nod, or at most a simple “hi”.

Well today I decided to mix my routine up a little bit. I brought my Pikachu 3DS XL and Pokemon X and decided to play with them in between my classes. I had decided to stop my play through of Pokemon Y and start up a play through on X. Of course there were the one or two snide looks of condensation, but something awesome happened after a few minutes of me playing.

A person that had always sat next to me on the couch but never talked to me asked what I was playing. I told him Pokemon X and we continued to talk about video games, Pokemon and games we were looking forward. This was a guy who I had seen three days out of the week for about a month and not said more than five words to, but through video games we got to know each other a little bit.

I guess you could substitute any sort of media in this story, but the fact that it happened to me with my 3DS XL really made my day. This is something that I love about the gaming community. No matter if you play 15 hours out of the day, or you get to play two hours a week, it gives us all a common ground and I think that’s something really special.

People who don’t play video games themselves have a hard time seeing video games as what they really are. They see games as a toy for children, when in fact they can be so much more for people. Whether you use video games as a release, an escape or just for fun, it gives us all something in common. No matter what a person’s background, they can have a lengthy discussion about a games that they feel strongly about with someone else who feels the same way, or completely different.

So to answer my initial question: do video games bring people together? In my eyes, hell yes.

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- Richie D.

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