Rediscovering Grand Theft Auto V

When I finished Grand Theft Auto’s main campaign, I felt empty. Like I there was a void in my gaming life. I had just finished a beautifully written story that involved three characters that I felt a great connection with. Whether it was cruising the ghetto with Franklin, rolling around Vinewood with Michael or tearing up the desert with Trevor, I was having a blast throughout every twist and turn that the story had to offer.

Like many people, after I was done with the story mode I simply put GTA V down. I headed out to buy a hangar at the airport with Michael, but that’s about the extent of my post game playing. I stepped away from the game and started playing other titles.

Whether it was Pokemon, or Madden or any other title I was playing something felt wrong. I wasn’t quiet sure what was wrong, but it seemed like I wasn’t getting everything out of this latest installment of the Grand Theft Auto series.

Then it hit me. I wasn’t doing one of the most fun things that Rockstar made available to us, causing mass hysteria and havoc. I ran to my Xbox 360, popped in GTA V and began my reign of terror. I rushed to the nearest Ammu-Nation and filled my inventory with as many RPG’s as possible, as well as bolstering up my sniper rifle ammo.

Once I was done with that I headed to a nice and elevated area that cops wouldn’t be able to easily climb up to. Once I found that location, I started my attack off with sniping a citizen in their car on the highway. Once the police finally found me I then moved on to taking a few of them out with an assault rifle, then the helicopters showed up and the fun started.

I pulled out my RPG and fired on the helicopters. Knocking one after another out of the sky and seeing the rag doll police officers come out was hilarious and at that moment I remembered why I had fallen in love with the Grand Theft Auto series in the first place, the fun factor when you don’t take it so serious.

After a few minutes of having a 5-star wanted level, I finally was “Wasted” and was fixed up at the hospital for a mere $5,000. I continued this string of crime and murder for an hour or two. This is what I was missing from my original play through of the game. I never took the time to do what I wanted and just mess around as a psychopath.

Yes it might sound a bit sick that enjoy playing like this, but let’s level with each other, we all have a blast when we play like this. It’s because it’s such a separation of what we do in our day to day lives. We can’t go out and murder hundreds of people without any real consequences, and I would sure hope non of my reader would WANT to do that in their real lives.

To sum this up I’ll say one thing, if you aren’t having as much fun as you’d think while playing GTA V, then take a second, stop playing the story and just go insane. Channel your inner Trevor and go on a murder spree and please keep it in the video game.

Thanks for reading! What are your best GTA V stories? Tell me in the comments! Be sure to follow RDR on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Tumblr! Thanks again!

- Richie D.

2 thoughts on “Rediscovering Grand Theft Auto V

  1. Hey, I just wanted to chime in and say that your writing has improved greatly since you first started. It is very noticeable and you’ve become a good writer.

    I’m about half way through Grand Theft Auto V and spend half my time poking into every crevice that I can. There is so much ingrained detail from the radio shows to the conversations you can eves drop that it feels like I’m in a living, breathing world. What a wonderful game. :)

    • Wow. Thank you so much! That really means a lot to me.

      And I totally agree. The world feels alive unlike a lot of other open world games. If you take your time and just soak everything in it’s an amazing experience.

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